Publix vs. Wal-Mart: Myth and Fact

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By: Staff Writer
Deltona, FL (December 31, 2012) -

The City of Deltona is fortunate to have four Publix Supermarkets, and one Wal-Mart super store to offer their customers many choices of products and value for the dollar.  Wal-Mart bills itself as “the low price leader,” while Publix stakes the claim of “where shopping is a pleasure.”

walmart_vs_publixRecently, Wal-Mart has begun a marketing campaign squarely aimed at Publix.  In print and electronic media, Wal-Mart shows comparison prices of the happy shopper seeing how much she saved by shopping at Wal-Mart over Publix.  Naturally, Wal-Mart marketing and advertising people, kind of like playing cards with the loaded deck, selected all the products compared.

If the giddy shopper had done her own homework, the results and difference in price would be staggering on many items.  Publix, with their buy one get one free deals (BOGO) used in conjunction with manufactures coupons and Publix coupons, (yes they accept both on products) leaves Wal-Mart in the dust.

Here is a comparison of what you would pay at both stores after all available coupons are used and taking advantage of BOGO’s:


2 – V8 100% Vegetable Juice, 46oz.          Wal-Mart $2.98ea. $5.96 total.    Publix $3.49ea.  $3.49 total.

2 – Kraft BBQ Sauce, 16.25 to 18oz.          Wal-Mart $1.26ea.  $2.52 total     Publix $1.91ea.  $1.91 total.

2 –Cheez It Crackers 9.75 to 140z.            Wal-Mart $2.88ea. $5.76 total     Publix $4.29ea.   $4.29 total.

2 – Planters Peanuts 16oz.                          Wal-Mart $3.50ea. $7.00 total    Publix $4.51ea.  $4.51 total.

4 – Libby Canned Vegs. 14.5 to 15.25oz.   Wal-Mart $.75ea.   $3.00 total    Publix $1.19ea.  $2.38 total.

2 – Hunt’s 100% Natural Tomatoes            Wal-Mart $.98ea.   $1.96 total    Publix $1.39ea.  $1.39 total.

2 – Frito Lay Chips 13 to 19oz.                     Wal-Mart $3.48ea. $6.96 total    Publix $4.99ea.  $4.99 total.

2 – Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip 22oz.           Wal-Mart $3.24ea.  $6.48 total    Publix $5.55ea. $5.55 total.

2 – Pace Salsa/Picante Sauce 16oz.            Wal-Mart $1.98ea.  $3.96 total    Publix $2.79 ea. $2.79 total.

2 – Purex Laundry Detergent 83-100oz.    Wal-Mart $5.77ea.  $11.54 total   Publix $5.77 ea. $5.77 total

2 – Scotch Brite Scrub Sponges 3 pk.          Wal-Mart $3.38ea.  $6.76 total     Publix $2.99 ea. $2.99 total.

2 – Oscar Mayer Beef Franks 14-16oz.       Wal-Mart $3.48ea.  $6.98 total     Publix $5.39ea.  $5.39 total.


Total shopping bill before coupons:               Wal-Mart             $68.88              Publix                 $45.45

Less Manufacturer Coupons Available:                                          $5.25                                            $5.25

Less Publix issued and matching coupons:                                                                                           $4.75

Total shopping bill after all coupons:              Wal-Mart             $63.63             Publix                   $35.45

You saved 43% or $28.18 at Publix.

The above Publix BOGO’s, randomly selected from the Publix weekly flyer effective December 26, 2012 through Wednesday, January 2, 2013 are not nearly the entire BOGO list.  Prices were checked at Wal-Mart on December 30.  A few of the other featured BOGO’s for the week at Publix are Nabisco Baked Crackers, Glory Foods Greens, Nature’s Own Bread, Kellogg’s Cereal, and Pepperidge Farm Three Layer Cake.  Some of these items also have manufacturers’ coupons and Publix coupons available.

Would you step over a $10 or $20 bill lying in the street or stop and pick it up?  Every time you enter a Publix Supermarket there is a rack with their weekly flyer and other promotional materials, most containing “Publix Coupons,” along with some manufacturers coupons.  These coupons are unique in that Publix allows you to use them WITH manufacturers’ coupons and when a coupon specifies a certain amount off two, Publix honors that on BOGO.  An example from the above shopping trip.  Libby canned vegetables, BOGO for $1.19, less manufactures coupon for $1.00 off the purchase of four (two BOGO deals).  Two BOGO deals, four cans for $2.38 less the $1.00 manufacturer coupon and then $1.00 off from the Publix coupon.  Net cost for four cans of Libby canned vegetables, .38!

Signing up for the monthly Publix email “The Best Meals Happen at Home” through their web site will deliver big money saving printable coupons.